Babel Finance Appoints Edmond Lau as CFO Following $40 Million Series A Funding

 Babel Finance, a leading global cryptocurrency financial services provider, today announced the appointment of Edmond Lau as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The announcement comes amid the company’s rapid global expansion, following the completion of its US$40 million Series A funding round in May this year.

A long-term fintech advocate and established thought leader, Lau brings to the table extensive and diverse experience in the finance industry. His expertise ranges across venture capital investment, start-ups, strategy, and corporate management, with prior senior roles at public and private organizations, and in academia. Following his MBA at London Business School, Lau has held prominent roles at Citigroup (NYSE: C), Foxconn Mobile, and SF-Express, among other leading companies in the UK, Singapore, and the Greater China region.

“Edmond joining will unquestionably further elevate Babel Finance’s position as a leader in compliance and strengthen our relationships with regulatory bodies. We look forward to recruiting more talented professionals with rich experience in traditional finance, and to providing increasingly sophisticated crypto asset management services for our institutional clients worldwide,” said Flex Yang, CEO of Babel Finance.

“By bringing invaluable expertise in corporate finance, investment, and M&A, Edmond will drive yet more growth and create new opportunities for Babel Finance globally,” said Del Wang, co-founder of Babel Finance.

The appointment comes after Babel Finance secured its US$40 million Series A funding round in May of this year. The company is using the funds to attract high-quality talent as well as enhancing the firm’s compliance capabilities. Lau will lead the introduction of increasingly sophisticated crypto asset management services, and open new offices in global financial hubs. The funding round was led by Zoo Capital, Sequoia Capital China, Dragonfly Capital, BAI Capital, and Tiger Global Management, with follow-on participation from prior investors.

Amid this expansion, Lau will spearhead future fundraising efforts, oversee M&A activities and new partnerships, and provide strategic input for the company’s business and regulatory compliance planning. As a long-term advocate of technological innovation in the financial services industry, Lau will also advance Babel Finance’s mission of helping traditional institutions diversify their portfolio with crypto assets.

“I’m delighted to be joining Babel Finance at this exciting time, as the company moves past its initial growth phase and focuses on scaling its business globally. In particular, I’m looking forward to working with regulators, investors, and partners to expand the crypto ecosystem. We’ll be developing increasingly sophisticated services to better serve global institutions entering the crypto space,” said Lau.

As a recognized fintech proponent, Lau bolsters Babel Finance’s increasingly prominent advocacy role in the crypto ecosystem. The company believes that blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies foster a more inclusive financial system that is universally beneficial and promotes social equity. Lau’s strong pedagogical experience and extensive industry network will aid Babel Finance’s mission to advance mainstream adoption of crypto finance, to help people manage risks more effectively.

About Babel Finance

Babel Finance is the world’s leading comprehensive crypto-financial services provider specialized in serving high-net-worth individual investors and institutional investors who are looking for high-quality professional financial services and customized solutions for crypto assets. As of now, Babel Finance’s crypto total assets exceed US$500 million, ranking among the top worldwide.

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