Leading financial services company enhances customer support & product using Alltius’ AI assistants

Alltius, an innovative Gen AI assistant platform, today announced that one of India’s leading retail full-service broking houses, used Alltius’ customer support AI assistants to enhance customer experiences. With Alltius, the leading financial services company has experienced reduction in support costs by $120,000 per month and over 45% ticket deflection within one month of implementation.

The company is India’s leading digital-first brokerage firm with 20Mn+ active users and over $400B daily turnover. Their customer support team handled over 30k+ queries on a daily basis which led to higher turnaround time.

“We decided to opt for Alltius because of their AI expertise and ability to go live within weeks. We had our customer facing a self-serve AI assistant live and helping our customer in just a few weeks – as compared to months as promised by others”, the team mentioned. 

Alltius’ self service AI assistant has enabled the company to reduce their query user resolution time from hours to seconds. The AI assistant handles over 250k+ conversations every week and solves customer queries with over 99% accuracy by identifying intent and answering the query by using the knowledge base of 20k+ company documents, previous tickets, FAQ sections and more. Apart from solving customer queries, Alltius also streamlined knowledge curation, where it converted unique ticket conversations into structured FAQ sections in real-time.

With Alltius, the company curated insights from conversations which were used by product managers to improve the product. The company also witnessed a dramatic 65% ticket deflection, and over 20% reduction in contact center queries thanks to Alltius’ AI self-serve. The team also reduced time to insight from weeks to hours thus freeing the bandwidth of product manager and customer support teams for complex tasks.  

“Alltius’ platform has been extremely promising. As a FinTech with a high bar on partner security, they meet our info-sec standards.”, said their product manager.

“Alltius is dedicated to revolutionizing the sales and customer support journeys with our advanced AI assistants”, said Vibs Abhishek, CEO of Alltius, “Our partnership with the company provides the proof of transformative impact AI can have on customer support and across other teams”.

With Alltius, organizations can enhance customer support experience with AI assistants that can actually understand customer queries, identify the root cause and answer complex user queries within seconds with virtually zero hallucinations. Alltius is best fit for fintech, insurance and healthcare organizations with robust security features including SOC2 compliance and private cloud options.

To learn more, visit alltius.ai 

About Alltius

Alltius is a conversational AI platform which effortlessly powers enterprise applications, websites and contact centers with skillful, secure and accurate AI assistants that can 2X sales & reduce support costs by 50% in weeks. Alltius’ innovative no-code platform allows businesses to seamlessly create, train and deploy AI assistants, even within a day.

Alltius’ platform has military grade security with SOC2 Type 2 and ISO certifications, ability to handle enterprise scale volumes of more than 100K queries per day, no hallucinations with native AI technology & 1/10th operating costs with self hosted solutions.

Alltius is a product created by experts who have taught AI and NLP at Carnegie Mellon and built large scale systems at places such as Amazon, Google and Meta and used by billions. 

SOURCE Alltius Inc.

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