Datalign Refers More Than $14.8 Billion in Assets in its Second Year

 Datalign Advisory (“Datalign”), an AI-enhanced platform that enables one-to-one matches between consumers seeking a financial advisor and industry-leading advisory firms, marks its two-year anniversary by announcing that in 2023 it facilitated referrals to Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”) firms totaling more than $14.8 billion in assets.

Finding a financial advisor is a deeply personal decision that can at times be overwhelming for consumers. For advisors focused on organic growth, it’s often difficult, time consuming, and expensive to find the right clients for their practice. By leveraging AI and data analytics, Datalign ensures precise one-to-one matches between consumers and advisory firms, streamlining the client experience and accelerating client conversion for RIAs.

“I know first-hand the challenges our industry faces when it comes to driving organic growth, which declined year-over-year in 2023,” said John Wernz, Co-Founder and board member, Datalign, and former CMO, Wealth Enhancement Group. “The industry was hungry not just for leads and appointments, but for targeted and qualified leads and appointments that could be closed by firms efficiently.”

Of the nearly $15 billion in referrals, more than $5 billion in open opportunities were created and firms converted $2.8 billion to assets under management (“AUM”). At a nearly 20 percent conversion rate, Datalign’s platform markedly outperforms the industry average of 12 percent.

“What the Datalign team achieved in the last year is nothing short of remarkable–it’s a testament to the innovation and dedication that drew me to this opportunity and I am excited to work with Chief Revenue Officer, Hilary Malecha, and the rest of the Datalign team,” said Satayan Mahajan, who joined Datalign as CEO in the second half of 2023. “The team has excelled in redesigning the consumer and advisor experience, creating a seamless match-making process for individuals in search of the perfect financial advisory firm tailored to their unique needs. The growing team at Datalign will continue to leverage my AI expertise to further elevate our customer experience, evolve our platform, and continue to build on industry engagement and interest.”

Mahajan joins Datalign from, where he was General Manager and Head of Product. He previously served as a Board Member for EverQuote, a leading online insurance marketplace in the U.S.

“Satayan brings a wealth of technology and, in particular, AI experience that will help guide the future of Datalign,” said Dave Blundin, Chairman of the Board, Datalign. “His impact has already been felt since joining us—outpacing our goals for 2023. As we look ahead, I am confident that Satayan’s leadership will enable Datalign to continue to evolve the way people connect with their financial advisors—with the ultimate goal of creating deep, meaningful connections that help them reach their financial goals.”

Prior to, Mahajan was CEO and Chairman of Motus Corp., a pioneer in motion-based controls for gaming, and the founder and CEO of iClub Inc., a leader in motion-sensing technologies for sports and golf instruction. He is a frequent guest lecturer in the field of product design, innovation and entrepreneurship and holds several patents in Blockchain, AI, and natural processing.

Currently, 87 percent of Datalign’s clients are firms on the Barron’s Top 100 Registered Investment Advisor Firms 2023 list. By closely vetting the firms using the platform, Datalign helps ensure that consumers are matched with a well-respected fiduciary best-suited to meet their financial goals. Through its online portal, Datalign gives advisors the ability to tightly control performance metrics, lead pacing, and consumer targeting.

Datalign’s unique business model also provides new revenue opportunities to publishers. Currently, publisher partners leverage Datalign to maximize ROI in the lucrative wealth management market. Publishers have access to Datalign’s deep consumer analytics, empowering them to improve their audience targeting, content, and optimize their revenue.

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About Datalign Advisory
Datalign Advisory is dedicated to redesigning and simplifying the journey to find financial advice by connecting consumers and vetted financial advisory firms on its proprietary platform. Focused on quality over quantity, Datalign’s AI-enhanced platform is designed to create more meaningful connections and financial outcomes. Leveraging data and AI-powered analytics, Datalign’s three-sided marketplace enables a streamlined, efficient, and improved experience for both consumers and advisory firms by aligning their unique needs to create one-to-one matches. Based in Cambridge, MA, Datalign was founded in 2022 and is backed by Link Ventures. To learn more about Datalign, please visit

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