Fintech Unicorn Papaya Global is Launching its Workforce Payments Platform at the Big Game

 Papaya Global, the workforce payments fintech, invested two years and 864,000 engineering workhours building the first end-to-end workforce platform that executes worker payments.

This investment comes to a head with Papaya’s Super Bowl debut.

“Payroll companies without embedded payments and AI technology, will simply not survive,” says Zvika Liblich, Chief Strategy Officer at Papaya Global. “We believe that customers will demand solutions that cover them end-to-end, from payroll calculation to payment execution on one platform, and will support any employment model in any currency worldwide.”

Papaya’s AI-powered payroll validation engine enables management of all types of workers and paying them in local currencies in any location, providing native connectivity with existing payroll systems. Thanks to these capabilities, global organizations can now scale their workforce, while protected by Papaya’s full compliance and liability.

Papaya is making its first Super Bowl appearance, bringing ping-pong to football’s main event. Its 30-second “Small balls. Big Game” ad features multiple self-bouncing ping-pong balls, showcasing Papaya’s game-changing AI-powered workforce payments platform.

The creative team includes Emmy Award winner Matt McCarron, Webby and Cannes Award winner Jonathan Vingiano, and Super Bowl ads veteran Alon Seifert. The spot was directed by Rob Leggatt and shot by Billions cinematographer Jake Polonsky. This is the first Super Bowl ad by McCann Tech.

For a sneak peek at the teaser and the 30 sec Super Bowl spot.

About Papaya:

In an ever-expanding world economy, Papaya Global is the ultimate workforce payments platform. Papaya’s Workforce OS enables organizations to hire globally and pay locally, on time every time. Delivering full compliance and liability coverage, and supporting all employment models, Papaya’s platform uses AI to consolidate and automate payroll and payments operations to seamlessly connect HR and Finance tech stacks. Streamlining these business-critical processes optimizes their efficiency and transparency, transforming workforce payments from an organization’s biggest expense and liability, into its strongest strategic asset.

Papaya has recently been named NetSuite International Partner of the Year, as a Leader in NelsonHall’s NEAT Matrix, and recognized by top tier publications including Inc, Forbes, and CNBC.

Papaya Global serves customers like E-Toro, SentinelOne, Soda Stream, Contentsquare and others, in 160+ countries worldwide.


SOURCE Papaya Global

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