Quipli Receives $3.5M in Funding to Power its Next Generation Equipment Rental Management Solution

Atlanta, GA based Quipli (quipli.com), fast becoming the market leader of software in the $60bn equipment rental market, announced today that it has raised $3.5M from Boundless Venture Co (bvco.co), a venture studio based out of Oakland, CA. The capital will be put towards expanding Quipli’s cutting-edge technology and ensuring that it continues to deliver the best equipment rental management solution to its customers.

“We have worked with Kyle Clements [Quipli founder and CEO] since Quipli was just an idea, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce our continued support and partnership with him and the team,” said Dan Saper, CEO of Boundless. “We found that customers in this market have been frustrated with legacy options and are ready for the next generation of software. The pain points are real and the opportunity is massive.”

Quipli has exploded from zero to over 100 equipment rental customers in just its first 18 months of existence, and continues to iterate quickly as it serves more and more upmarket customers.

“It’s amazing what a modern technology platform can do, in terms of speed of new product releases. Many customers were asking for a Service & Repair module in Q4, and we were able to deliver this feature in just a few weeks based on great feedback by our customer base,” said Clements.

Clements has been selected by the American Rental Association (“ARA”) to headline its upcoming Future of Rental panel at the Annual ARA Show on February 11th.

Court Kasten joined Quipli from Clutch Automotive and Sage Intacct as its COO in 2022 to help scale the business. “We added nearly 20 people to the team in the last year to keep up with demand and to continue to provide best-in-class customer support,” said Kasten. “We’re proud to offer free support and 5-minute response times on emails during business hours.”

Quipli has recently added several high profile customers, including Arapahoe, Haulotte, SANY, and Sonsray.

“Quipli is clearly leading the next generation of software in the equipment rental market,” said Evan Moore, General Manager of Arapahoe Rental, which runs nine locations across Colorado and Wyoming. “We hit many dead ends during our hunt for a fully web based rental management software with multi location capabilities and an integrated ecommerce website with real time availability. We ran trials with multiple software vendors side-by-side for several months, and there was no comparison to Quipli’s pace of development, and customer support.  Quipli listens to our needs regularly and shows an excitement to develop requested features. The crew at Quipli has made Arapahoe Rental feel like a partnership and not just another Customer.”

About Quipli 
Quipli, founded in 2020 and based in Atlanta, GA, specializes in developing the latest equipment rental software for independent rental companies. Their platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools including e-commerce storefront, inventory management, payments and billing, invoicing, service and repair, as well as marketing services, all accessible through a cloud-based solution. Quipli is committed to providing robust security, easy implementation and outstanding customer support for it’s construction equipment rental software platform, with a response time of just 5 minutes during business hours through chat, phone, email, and text support.

About Boundless 
Founded in 2020 and based in Oakland, CA, Boundless is a venture studio building the next generation of vertical SaaS companies. Boundless ideates, funds, and builds powerful SaaS solutions for industries traditionally overlooked by venture capital. Boundless partners with aspiring entrepreneurs to co-create the companies from scratch and help them launch, build, and grow software businesses that can endure profitably for decades.

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