IR and Ecosystm Research Indicates that 75% of Employees want to be in the Office in 2022

  • IR commissioned a research report with Ecosystm on the changing dynamics of the workplace. 
  • 75% of employees want to be back in the office; meaning organizations must create a resilient ‘Work from Anywhere’ model.

SYDNEY, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — IR (ASX:IRI) a leading global provider of performance management and analytics for unified communication and collaboration, IT infrastructure, and payment ecosystems, announced the findings of research undertaken in conjunction with Ecosystm, a digital research and advisory platform.

The ‘Build a Resilient Work from Anywhere Model in 2022’ report extracts data from interviews with 300+ employees and over 1,300 organizations. The report indicates that in 2022, 75% of employees want to be back in the office, either full-time or when the need arises, given that they have worked remotely over the last two years. Other findings highlight that the hybrid work model is still evolving. 51% of employees prefer to choose their work location, which is not the current case as organizations are yet to find the right balance.    

Organizations face a significant challenge adjusting to the ever-changing hybrid workplace while managing employee expectations, maintaining performance, and a strong culture.

“Most organizations are at the tip of the iceberg in understanding and implementing a hybrid work environment. We have seen three workplace models emerging – remote first, office first and blended. It will be crucial that we constantly experiment and continue innovating to define practices that work best for our respective organizations. Communication, collaboration, and experience management will have to be top priorities,” said John Ruthven, CEO and Managing Director, IR.

The report also details that 51% of organizations are increasing the use of collaboration platforms and tools, while 44% are deploying technology to enhance employee experience.  

“To enable seamless work experience across networks, organizations have to manage and monitor their digital tools and collaboration platforms. It will be imperative for organizations to ensure great employee experience and social cohesion, irrespective of where people work. At IR, we are committed to supporting customers to adapt and thrive in the hybrid workplace, as we are with our own teams,” added Ruthven.

The latest product releases from the IR Collaborate suite further enhance enterprises’ ability to streamline IT operations, access real-time performance data, and ensure business continuity and growth.


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