9D NFT Raised $2.9 Million – Ready For IDO

9D NFT’s – The First 3D Martial Art/ Metaverse Gaming project incubated by BSCStation had just concluded its Private Sale and successfully raised $2.9 million from well-known investment funds, such as: BSCStation Fund, Onebit Ventures, X21, Kardia Ventures, Everse Capital, Lotus capital, Basics capital, ZBS capital, Exnetwork, Tokensuite, NGC Venture, AVA Capital, BV Capital and over 30 other partners.


On November 12th, 9D NFT will officially IDO simultaneously on BSC Station and Kaistarter Launchpads – kicking off the journey to the moon in SEA with the first Martial Arts NFT Game.

We hope to find an alliance of partners, investors and gaming communities around the world on 9D NFT’s journey to spread the joy, passion and profits, as well as to complete and further develop this product, in which we have poured our heart and soul. You and we, together, will open up a “metaverse” for the classic/legendary game – now giving Blockchain technology a fresh breath of the new era.

About 9D NFT project

Developed by an experienced Vietnamese Studio behind many successful games that have been released in 7 Asian countries, in association with ROXCE Capital – a company specializing in technology research and development as well as financial consulting in the fields of AI, Crypto/Blockchain, Cloud, Data Science and VR Metaverse…in Singapore. 9D NFT takes players to an endless adventure stretching from the East lands to the West side, from Asia to Europe, through the lands of rich indigenous culture and searching for legendary treasures associated with the history of these countries.

This is the first game in the COGIVERSE ecosystem – built on COGI (Crypto Online Gaming Infrastructure), an Online MMO Game platform that uses Blockchain technology to bring users their real-life value through the game by “digitizing assets”. Our goal is to create a community of gamers on the Blockchain platform, bringing to players not only “Play 4 Fun” but also “Play 2 Earn” experience with millions of people around the world through COGI’s game ecosystem.

This Martial-Arts MMO game allows people to interact with the others (maybe gamers, investors and even collectors) in the virtual world we create where they can own their in-game items and trade them to anyone at any time, might it be for collecting, storing and/or transferring their “blood, sweat and tears” whenever they decide to stop playing the game.

Players are required to choose a character from one of five sects that 9D NFT has designed based on the Five Elements System (Blade Master, Bow Master, Zither Master, Staff Master and Sword Master) as their main character to join the adventure of the “Dragons” in a 3D world to discover new lands. Along the journey, players can claim NFT items to trade on the Marketplace.

From Oct 18th – Oct 20th, 9D NFT released a limited 999-player testnet version and delightedly, we received a lot of positive feedback on the game’s story, graphics, and gameplay. Thereby, the team will receive all comments from our communities to further improve and complete the product, preparing to launch the best version of 9D NFT and providing the most perfect experience for the gamer communities as well as the project’s investors. 

9D NFT is developed by a team with 10 years of experience in game production and publishing in Vietnam and advised by leading experts in the field of online games, technology and finance with the hope of turning normal games into the future of digital assets.

How to play and earn in 9D NFT

Players need to invest a small amount in their character through COGI and COD (Crystals of Dragon). If COGI is used to create characters, buy items on the marketplace, and participate in PVP activities, then COD is the token used to upgrade characters in 9D NFT.

After a maximum of 365 days , you can reach the break-even point just by maintaining your daily check-in, attendance, completing daily quests, or doing some simple monster farming. In order to earn more COD and COGI, players can participate in guild activities, PVP competitions, tournaments or boss hunts. If you continue with your daily persistence to conquer the 9D NFT Dragon lands, you can reach the break-even point after only 90 days of experience.

9D NFT builds and maintains a market economy, operating on a reasonably automatic mechanism in order to be fair for all players. All in-game items, which are the result of the player’s grinding process, can be exchanged into NFTs and traded with other players or investors via the marketplace. The supply-demand mechanism of the in-game market will determine the price of these NFT products, and who knows, one day you will have a rare drop and hard-to-find item worth “millions of dollars” on the journey discovering 9D NFT.

Product Roadmap

Our project has outlined an 8-year roadmap for the construction and development not only for 9D NFT but for the COGIVERSE virtual world.

As for 9D NFT, in the 4th quarter of 2021, the game is ready to conduct IDO on 5th November, then release the mobile/PC version and deploy the MarketPlace. In the following years, the product will be continuously improving with new updated versions such as MarketPlace Auction system, PVP Tournament feature, map expansion, adding a series of features and new sects. 

By the 1st quarter of 2023, we will launch a 2nd product’s demo called The West Grassland in the COGIVERSE ecosystem.

In the period from 2024 – 2028, the “cross-border” PVP Tournaments event will be held annually between the games in the COGI ecosystem. The 3rd project – The South Desert will also be “on air” during this time and in the 4th MMO project called COGI Metaverse, we are ambitious to connect all the products in this ecosystem to create a COGIVERSE virtual universe.

In particular, game products will be renewed and completed annually based on the feedback and contributions of COGI holders as well as the COGIVERSE community around the world.

With the positive feedback and evaluation from the community after the Private Sale round and limited testing, we believe that the cherished ambition beginning with this 9D NFT project will come true, open up a limitless “virtual world” and bring real value to communities worldwide. With everything said, you are an indispensable part joining us in building, developing and conquering that journey.

Now, let’s join 9D NFT at The First 3D Martial Art / Metaverse NFT Game in SEA (9D NFT.com)

For more detailed discussion/For more information: Telegram: Contact @Official_9D NFT


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