EverGrow Coin Set to Become The Next SAFEMOON, Reaches 45K Holders and $600 Million Marketcap

The crypto market has seen its best performance during the pandemic, which completely changed how people view it as investors. Projects like SAFEMOON, DOGECOIN, SHIBA INU, and more changed many lives by giving over 100x returns. 

The next Safemoon “EverGrow Coin” is already marking its footprints and breaking many records. EverGrow is the first yield generating a token that offers rewards in BUSD. What’s more, unlike other crypto projects, EverGrow Coin is already excelling in different fields, and it has already disrupted the market with its top-notch token distribution strategy.

The reason behind such revolutionary growth is originally the team behind this project. Its impressive growth is evident from the fact that in just 1 month of launch, it has reached 45k holders and has already paid out $8 Million in reflection to holders of its native token, $EGC. With such an outstanding track record, the project has also clinched the market cap of $600 Million, which is remarkable.

Highlighting Features of EverGrow Coin:

8% Rewards in BUSDR: What’s revolutionary about EverGrow’s smart contracts is that 8% of every transaction is distributed among all holders of $EGC in BUSD. The most peculiar feature of EverGrow Coin attracting its community is its reflection in Binance USDs, apart from the percentage of reflection that is one of the highest in the industry. BUSDs are among cryptocurrency lovers’ most trusted tokens because they take a step closer to fiat currencies. When it comes to cryptocurrency, stablecoins offer the best of both worlds by addressing volatility concerns while still providing the same digital advantage in transactions. 

Buy-back: Another feature that attracts customers the most is its robust price stability, provided by its efficient multiple buyback feature. By taxing 3% on every traction to support the buyback feature, EverGrow sends these tokens to a particular wallet, known as a ‘buyback wallet.’ These tokens are immediately removed from the circulating supply boosting the price and producing green candles on the price chart.

Re-imagined NFT Lending Services: Other classes of attractive services offered by the platform are related to NFTs. NFTs represent unique digital assets such as digital artworks, trading cards, image files, video clips, property assets, etc. These digital assets are traded on a unique platform called the NFT marketplace. The EverGrow platform aims to develop one of the largest BSC-based NFT marketplaces in the world. Users will create new NFTs, sell and buy their NFTs securely and economically on this marketplace. 

Decentralized NFT Marketplace: The EverGrow team is also creating the world’s first decentralized NFT lending platform. The platform will be based on BSC, which would enable NFT owners to easily borrow against their NFTs as collateral at reasonable interest rates without having to sell them. This will allow individuals to generate money just by lending their NFTs.

Play-to-earn: Another popular feature that will make the EverGrow platform more adoptable will be its play-to-earn games. As we speak, the crypto gaming industry already has a market revenue of more than US$321 million, with around 41.9 million gamers owning crypto. The EverGrow Ecosystem will build numerous products using its unique NFT platform to boost EGC Tokens and its trading volume. 

Founded with the core principle of providing better end-user services, EverGrow Coin caters to like-minded individuals’ requirements. Recent IPOs of crypto-originated companies like Coinbase Global Inc. have attracted retail traders and mainstream audiences to the crypto space. With this, people finally realize the FOMO of not investing in cryptocurrencies. EverGrow Coin has ideally leveraged this sentiment to get maximum acceptance. The platform is continuously working to provide state-of-the-art crypto-related services to its investors, and soon it will lead the crypto industry with its novel business tactics to become the next Safemoon.

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