HR Business Process Outsourcing and HR as a Service Solution

Improve business results through holistic talent management of people, processes, tools, and analytics with HR as a Service (HRaaS).

The market for outsourced HR services has quickly evolved from licensing proprietary software to a one-to-many model, where services are personalized and uniformly delivered via the Cloud. As a result, organizations are adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) as a long-term HR technology solution, and the culture for HR is changing to one that empowers employees and managers. But with these changes comes the need for centralized support and a broader set of integrated tools.

Conduent’s HRaaS solution enhances the use of cloud-based Human Resource Management System (HRMS) software as a solution by providing comprehensive, flexible end-to-end HR business process outsourcing (BPO) services on a global scale, helping clients realize the full business benefits of SaaS through global, end-to-end HR solutions.

Our HRaaS solution combines traditional HR BPO services with any of the leading HR SaaS provider tools available in the market to offer a comprehensive end-to-end HR service delivery solution. With integrated tools at the employee, manager, HR professional, and service center level, our HRaaS solution delivers an unparalleled experience that’s scalable, flexible and truly global. We focus on the full picture of people, processes, tools and analytics to simplify your business and deliver an improved employee experience.

How HRaaS Enhances SaaS:

  • Facilitates client engagement with an HR SaaS provider
  • Provides global service center support
  • Provides a full suite of global HR processes and best practices pre-configured to operate on SaaS platforms
  • Provides a broader, integrated toolset and operational analytics for service delivery teams and their serviced populations
  • Provides a flexible economic model based on transactional pricing where clients pay only for the services they consume

HR Services supported by HRaaS:

  • Transaction processing
  • Core HR workforce administration
  • System navigational assistance and inquiry support through voice, email and chat channels
  • Global service center expertise and multi-lingual support
  • Global payroll can be integrated in the solution for HRaaS in more than 95 countries through our multi-country payroll outsourcing solution that combines our capabilities in customer inquiry, data administration and process management
  • Other BPO services, such as benefits administration, learning administration, performance management, recruiting administration, rewards management and global mobility can also be added to the core HRaaS offering.

Conduent Human Resources Outsourcing embraces our role as a trusted partner in assisting clients with a roadmap to HR self-reliance.  As such, Conduent provides transformational consulting services to our clients throughout their journey to an end state HRaaS model.  Wherever your business is along this transformation, Conduent can add value through our Global consulting capabilities in the areas of HR strategy, change management, HR delivery model design, business case development, retained organization design, along with many other business strategy services.

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