Avature Releases Video Solution for Recruiting and Talent Management

NEW YORK & DUBLIN. (July 8th, 2020) – Avature, a leading enterprise SaaS platform for talent acquisition and talent management, has announced the release of Avature Video, a powerful and intuitive solution that enables users to leverage the power of video to enhance their strategic HR initiatives.

In response to current remote working conditions, and in order to further support HR’s digital transformation, Avature offers easy to deploy live and recorded-on-demand interview features that save time and effort for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers alike.

“Video was nice to have before COVID19 but essential now, yet many of our customers have been hesitating to add another system to their technology stack,¨ said Dimitri Boylan, Avature Founder & CEO. “Our goal is to remove the barrier of entry with a seamless video solution that will leverage their existing branded portals and be available for all their needs, from candidate marketing to performance reviews.”

“It’s essential that we remain in tune with the younger generation and that we provide tools that suit all types of users,” commented Agustin Donati, VP of Product Marketing.

From adding a new dimension to recruitment marketing campaigns, to replacing the checklist approach to onboarding with a more social new hire experience, Avature customers have expressed a strong desire to use video to enrich their talent strategies. They are also expected to make use of video to run virtual events with Avature Campus Recruiting, as well as combine it with talent management solutions, particularly Avature Performance Management and Internal Mobility.

Avature Video includes an upgrade to the interview feedback process, works with the company’s new auto-scheduler bot and supplies real-time metrics for reporting and advanced analytics.

“Avature is providing the tools”, Boylan concluded. “The creative use of those tools still rests with our customers. I think HR programs will leverage video to a great degree over time and the real question is who gets it right first.”

About Avature
Avature is a highly configurable enterprise SaaS platform for Talent Acquisition and Talent Management and the leading provider of CRM technology for recruiting globally. Avature brings consumer-grade internet technology and innovation to HCM software. Avature solutions include shared services sourcing, applicant tracking, video interviewing, campus & events recruiting, employee referral management, social onboarding, branded employee engagement, employee mobility, workforce optimization, contingent workforce management and performance management.

Used by 110 of the Fortune 500 in more than 164 countries and 32 languages, Avature delivers services from its private cloud located in data centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and from the public cloud vendors. Avature has offices in Buenos Aires, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Munich, New York, Paris and Shenzhen. Learn more at www.avature.net or follow @Avature.

Avature Media Contact
Maria Lorenzo Brisco
+1 212-380-4160 x418

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