Cloud Star DoiT On 400 Percent AWS Growth And $5 Billion Commitment

Cloud superstar DoiT International has grown its AWS business by a whopping 400 percent in 2023 and recently signed a strategic agreement with the cloud giant to drive $5 billion in cloud consumption.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based channel company drove AWS sales this year by providing customers with cloud cost optimization, application modernization and cybersecurity solutions, as well as accelerating businesses into the AWS Marketplace.

“We grew our AWS business in 2023 alone by 4X,” said Tracie Stamm, head of product marketing and content for DoiT. “Our goal is to now drive $5 billion in AWS consumption and our services together.”

In terms of driving sales in 2024, DoiT International expects AWS to source approximately half of new customer opportunities thanks to its $5 billion strategic collaboration agreement with AWS.

“AWS has a very channel friendly model that helps us work with field teams and uncover opportunities together both with new and existing customers. Our goal is that we want to drive half the opportunities, so have 50 percent of the opportunities to be partner sourced and 50 percent AWS sourced,” said Scott White, DoiT’s chief operating and revenue officer. “AWS driving half of the opportunities is amazing for us as a partner.”

DoiT’s Strategy For Winning AWS Deals

There are two main areas that the AWS Premier Partner focuses on which is driving revenue: cloud spending management and filling in the IT talent gap for customers.

“When you think about all the services that AWS offers, it’s really hard for customers to know everything about every service. Our breadth of expertise in our engineering team helps customers fill in those gaps,” said White. “When customers are thinking about doing either migration, or they’re thinking about going from a compute-network-storage model into native services, they really need help getting there.”

DoiT has more than 100 AWS certifications, several AWS competencies and a solid cloud consultancy and services business unit, while operating in over 70 countries across the globe.

On the technology front, DoiT provides solutions that help customers manage their cloud commitments, govern spending, and provide security alerts around budgeting.

“Customers are looking for a lot more insight into how they’re spending dollars in the cloud. How do they govern that spending? Manage it moving forward? How do they start to build a FinOps practice? Or get cost anomaly detection and alerts when they go over budget? That’s what we do,” said White. “Our technology provides all of those features for customers to really manage their cloud better.”

ISV Go Global Program For AWS Marketplace

DoiT’s ISV Go-Global ISV Marketplace program helps businesses accelerate marketplace integration and generate new customer growth from the AWS Marketplace.

The program provides technical enablement via engineers and tools, workload assessment to migrate and scale, as well as go-to-market enablement to help customers gain global exposure with co-marketing and co-sales.

“That marketplace is a great place for customers to grow their business and provides a frictionless vehicle for them to go-to-market with all AWS customers. But it’s something that a company only does once in their lifetime, typically, is a marketplace integration,” said White. “There’s commercial decisions you have to make, technical decisions and compliance decisions, and we hold our customers hands through that process—whether it’s a foundational technical review or whether it’s the Marketplace integration. Walking through this is typically a three to six month process of getting their product launched on the Marketplace.”

AWS is pushing partners and ISVs [independent software vendors] to sell on its online marketplace. The AWS Marketplace currently has over 15,000 transactable listings from more than 3,500 ISVs, 300 data providers and 1,300 AWS channel partners. There are now more than 330,000 active AWS Marketplace subscribers across 30 regions.

At AWS re:Invent 2023 last week, the cloud giant reduced listing fees for the marketplace to three percent, effective Jan. 1, 2024. Additionally, AWS launched a new AWS Partner CRM Connector that allows partners to manage both ACE and AWS Marketplace Private Offers and resale authorizations from within a single Salesforce app.

“We’re seeing huge trends of all of our customers buying on the marketplace. It’s a really simple way for them to find new services to transact, and to retire their cloud commitments with AWS,” said White. “So we’re seeing lots of customers buy and want to sell on the marketplace. It’s a big trend and we expect it to continue next year.”

DoiT Multi-Cloud Strategy With Google Cloud And Microsoft

Although DoiT is striving to become a top global AWS partner, it also partners tightly with Google Cloud.

In fact, DoiT is an eight-time Google Cloud Partner of the Year award winner with over 100 certifications and several Google competencies around mobility, migration and data analytics.

The company is also beginning to form a solid relationship with Microsoft. Last month, DoiT unveiled new support for Microsoft Azure billing data on top of several other Azure offerings the company recently launched.

Google, Amazon and Microsoft own a whopping 66 percent of the worldwide cloud services market. DoiT’s goal is to expand partnerships with AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud to best support their customers by managing their cloud estates.

“We are pretty excited about what 2024 offers to us in terms of continuing to be able to deliver a multi-cloud solution for a diverse part of the market,” said Stamm. “For AWS, our goal is to drive $5 billion in AWS consumption and our services together over the next five years.”

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