WeFunder, the marketplace that connects hundreds of investors with innovative start-ups, has been utilizing JustPaid, the AI-Powered Finance Company, for their bill pay through their AI-powered accounts payable software over the past several months.

WeFunder offers everyone from first-time to seasoned investors an ease of access to early-stage startups, bringing private equity to the public since 2016.

For some background on JustPaid, the brand’s mission is to democratize and simplify the professional lives of company operators with their continuous audit between contracts and bills to pay. JustPaid allows small business operators to receive and track payments, understand their finances with analytics, and identify opportunities, all of which is powered by AI.

Sophie Wang, CFO at WeFunder, was thrilled to utilize the accounts payable side for their workflows. “I finally found the solution that we’ve been looking for – the ease with which we are able to pay bills through JustPaid’s AI-powered software has been a game changer for us – so seamless and enjoyable.”

“WeFunder has been an incredible partner to us, and we’ve been so thrilled to hear such positive feedback on JustPaid’s accounts payable functionality,” says JustPaid co-founder Vinay Pinnaka. “There is so much more to come for JustPaid and to be able to simplify these workflows and processes for WeFunder, among other clients, is why we do what we do.”

Most recently, JustPaid raised over $3.5M+ in funding, and launched a brand new Revenue Management Functionality component and a redesigned website. The brand is backed by some of the top investors, including Y-Combinator, Pioneer Fund, Orange Collective, and Rebel Fund, among others.

For more on JustPaid, visit: JustPaid.io, and follow along on YouTube.

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