Rhythm Systems Introduces Ask Patrick: The First AI-Driven Business Coach for Strategy Execution

Rhythm Systems, a renowned provider of cloud-based strategy execution software, has unveiled Ask Patrick, a ground-breaking AI designed to bring business strategy and execution results like never before.

Talk Business with Ask Patrick.  Everyone in your organization now has a personalized AI business coach integrated into the planning process. Team members can Ask Patrick all their strategy and goal-related questions right from the Rhythm software, such as:

  • What are examples of goals for HR managers to track?
  • I’ve been behind on my KPI for 3 weeks in a row. What should I do?
  • I want to double my revenue. What should I do first?

Patrick Thean, CEO of Rhythm Systems shares, “We’ve taken the incredible advancement of AI and combined it with our 20 years of business experience to create the very first AI-powered business coach. Our clients are the best in the world and now have access to this extensive knowledge base and coaching whenever they want. Ask it anything!”

Chatting with Ask Patrick is just the latest enhancement to their existing AI Business Coach offerings:

Let AI Write SMART Goals.  It’s no secret that well-written, clear goals lead to higher performance. Go from generic goals and missed deadlines to specific, measurable goals generated within seconds.

Let AI Build A Better Plan.  Stop wondering if your plan is good enough. With one click, our quarter plan test will show you what your plan is missing. Head into every quarter confidently, knowing you have an execution-ready plan with the resources to execute it.

The Rhythm AI business coach transforms how organizations develop and achieve their objectives using decades of data and a proven business framework. Any industry and organization size can benefit from this technology.

To experience the future of strategic business planning, visit our website and try Ask Patrick today at https://www.rhythmsystems.com/askpatrick 

About Rhythm Systems   Rhythm Systems has delivered its strategy execution system for nearly 20 years, providing a complete solution for CEOs, senior leaders, and executives who want to achieve the next level of growth. Their framework helps businesses develop clear strategic goals, execute them masterfully, and achieve organizational alignment.

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