Very Good Ventures Expands Series A with $3.4 Million from Celesta Capital

Very Good Ventures (VGV), the leading full-service Flutter consulting firm, today announced it has expanded its Series A round with $3.4 million from Celesta Capital for a total raise of $6.6 million. Driven by increasing client demand due to Flutter’s popularity, the funding will be used to scale up VGV’s service to a wider variety of clients and to deliver high-quality contributions throughout the Flutter ecosystem.

The expansion comes on the heels of its recent CreateThrive acquisition and is expected to support unprecedented demand for VGV services as Flutter skyrockets in popularity. Founded in 2018, Very Good Ventures is already cash flow positive, growing revenues 235 percent during the past two years.

Flutter is an open source UI toolkit from Google that enables developers to build apps for multiple platforms all at once from a single codebase – a significant advantage over legacy approaches to native software development. Since its first release in 2017, Flutter has grown into the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by software developers globally. The number of published Flutter apps has doubled in just the last year, increasing from 500,000 to more than one million today.

“An investment in Very Good Ventures is an investment in the next generation of app development,” said David Goldman, Partner at Celesta Capital. “Cross-platform frameworks are the future and Flutter is outpacing similar cross-platform frameworks because of its superior performance and developer engagement. VGV is a clear leader in the Flutter ecosystem and is driving its maturity through high-quality client delivery and major contributions to open source software. It’s a natural move for us to double down on the company driving so much of this growth.”

With a founding team that has worked with Flutter longer than anyone, Very Good Ventures provides unique levels of expertise to help major brands transition to and maintain Flutter. Very Good Ventures leaders created the first-ever commercial Flutter app for the global musical phenomenon Hamilton, in 2017, in addition to having built the first public Flutter apps for desktop and web. The success of the Hamilton mobile app led to the creation of Very Good Ventures, now partnering with companies that include Google, Toyota, American Airlines, Dow Jones, Betterment, Keller Williams and others. Very Good Ventures today provides world-class product strategy, design, and management services as a full service partner.

“This new investment from Celesta Capital is evidence of both Very Good Ventures’ success and of the rapid growth and vibrancy of the Flutter community and ecosystem,” said David DeRemer, CEO at Very Good Ventures. “We’ve been contributing to Flutter long before we founded Very Good Ventures and continue to help define standards and build open source tools that are used by millions. This collaboration is how we’re able to both support our favorite technical community and achieve outsized results for our clients.”

Very Good Ventures recently announced its acquisition of CreateThrive, a mobile and web development firm that has emerged as a leader in the Flutter community in Latin America. The acquisition has resulted in the world’s largest Flutter consultancy team with a focus on driving high quality software solutions, designing beautiful and useful products and deepening its impact on the Flutter community.

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