Frigade Raises $3M in Seed Funding to Build Developer Tool for Product Onboarding and Adoption

 Frigade, a product onboarding and adoption solution for React, announced today $3 million in seed funding. The round was led by Craft Ventures and La Famiglia, with participation from Y Combinator,, and, as well as individual investors such as Vercel founder Guillermo Rauch, Dropbox co-founder Arash Ferdowsi and Plaid CTO Jean-Denis Greze. This funding will enable Frigade to grow its library of onboarding experiences for developers and support additional web SDKs for B2B SaaS companies. Notable startup customers using Frigade include Encord, a machine learning platform, Replo, an ecommerce site builder, and SaaSGrid, a financial data and reporting platform for startups.

Frigade helps developers build better product onboarding.
Frigade helps developers build better product onboarding.

Frigade gives developers the power to easily create quality onboarding flows, activation checklists, and product tours without needing backend development support. The platform offers out-of-the-box user targeting and state management features to simplify development, all while following industry best practices. It also provides React components that can be fully customized to match any brand and app, empowering developers to create singular and seamless user experiences. Now businesses can focus on their core roadmap and let Frigade take care of the hardest parts of onboarding infrastructure.

Most existing digital adoption platforms are built for marketers and managers rather than developers, so they sit on top of products instead of feeling native. Since they’re not defined in the codebase, these solutions often break without teams noticing, and there are limits to what can be built with them. Frigade translates the growth playbooks of leading software companies into ready-made React components, so any company can build and launch quality user onboarding in hours, rather than weeks and months.

“We see many product-led companies building sophisticated onboarding from scratch – reinventing the wheel – since existing no-code tools are too rigid,” said Eric Brownrout, Frigade co-founder and CEO. With Frigade, we’re giving developers a third option: build high-quality, flexible onboarding in code, faster.”

Eric Brownrout and Christian Mathiesen, CTO, first met at LinkedIn in 2015. They saw the potential of internal developer platforms for onboarding and how companies like LinkedIn, Uber, Pinterest, Figma, and more have built them to accelerate growth. Now, the founding duo are creating the off-the-shelf equivalent that makes it easy for all software companies and builders to get the same platform capabilities.

Frigade’s vision is to become the comprehensive customer journey management platform. This includes activating customers with personalized registration flows and getting-started guides, engaging customers with tailored announcements and upsells, and ultimately, retaining customers through regular feedback loops and communications.

“We believe core products should be owned by development and product teams. This produces the delightfully simple user experiences that we all love and expect,” Ryan Hrabak, Investor at Craft Ventures. “Existing digital onboarding and adoption solutions are stubborn and inflexible, and are largely designed for marketers, which leads to disruptions at critical points in the user journey. Frigade’s SDKs put the power of building in-app product onboarding workflows back into the hands of the developer, enabling them to configure and launch seamless guided experiences in far less time, with far fewer resources.”

Frigade recently completed Y Combinator’s Winter 2023 accelerator program. To learn more, visit

About Frigade 

Founded by second-time cofounders Eric Brownrout and Christian Mathiesen in 2022, Frigade offers ready-made React components for product onboarding and adoption. Frigade is backed by Y Combinator, Craft Ventures, La Famiglia,,, and Guillermo Rauch. Learn more at

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