Guaranty Bank & Trust Makes $1 Million Investment to the Austin Housing Conservancy Fund for Affordable Housing

AHC is a private equity fund focused on purchasing multi-family properties and preserving them as affordable housing for front-line personnel, creatives, teachers and nurses and more in the greater Austin area. This inventive fund structure was created and managed by the non-profit Affordable Central Texas.

Ty Abston, CEO of Guaranty Bank & Trust “Our bank recognized the opportunity to invest in this Fund as a way to participate in providing affordable housing that meets unaddressed moderate-to middle-income needs. The Fund has a direct social impact being directly deployed in Central Texas and Guaranty is proud to be a part of this opportunity that addresses community reinvestment solutions.”

Housing affordability is one of Austin’s critical issues. Currently the fund owns seven multi-family rental properties, managing 1740 units throughout the Austin area that keeps rents affordable for residents primarily earning below 80% percent of the local median family income. “AHC presented a unique opportunity for our bank to invest in affordable housing and families in our community that need it the most, that is a huge win for the bank,” said Ryan Coaxum, Vice President and Community Development Officer at Guaranty Bank & Trust. Launched in 2018, the 10-year goal of the fund is to preserve over 10,000 rental units for 15,000 Austin residents.

“Austin has enjoyed great growth and success as a city and region,” said David Steinwedell, President and CEO of Affordable Central Texas. “This growth has come with the increasing need to provide housing that is affordable to moderate income Austinites who are the backbone of our great city – the teachers, medical workers, bank tellers and creatives who make Austin the place we love to live.”

About Guaranty Bancshares

Guaranty Bancshares, Inc. is the parent company for Guaranty Bank & Trust, N.A. and has 32 banking locations across 26 Texas communities located within the East Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and Central Texas regions of the state. As of December 31, 2022, Guaranty Bancshares, Inc. had total assets of $3.4 billion, total loans of $2.4 billion and total deposits of $2.7 billion. Visit for more information.

About Austin Housing Conservancy

Affordable Central Texas (ACT) is a 501 (c)(3) and is the sponsor and investment manager of the Austin Housing Conservancy Fund. ACT was formed in 2016 by a group of highly experienced Austin real estate, finance, and affordable housing professionals to ensure Austin’s workforce can afford to live in greater Austin by building a scalable social impact fund to preserve well-located multi-family apartment properties for long-term affordability as well as provide programs to build community and improve resident outcomes.

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