The City of Berlin and Berlin Finance Initiative (BFI) has launched the transatlantic finance & tech network, “Fin-Tech Leaders,” to accelerate internationalization and business cooperation between Berlin- and U.S.-based startups and organizations.

As the coalition agreement of the Berlin Government envisions, the City of Berlins and BFI foster Berlin’s position as EU’s leading FinTech hub. The BFI is a voice for this hub to promote new technologies in financial services and the digital economy.

6 out of 7 German fintech unicorns were founded in Berlin. Berlin has the highest startup density within the country and claims to have the most investments in the associated fields. The city’s openness and diversity are attractive to businesses overseas. “Berlin has made a name for itself as a global startup hub, attracting talent from around the globe,” says Achim Oelgarth, the initiator of BFI, “We want to foster our international relationships to advance Berlin as the leading European Fintech & Tech Hub because I believe that Berlin’s FinTechs need to grow beyond their domestic markets. Some of them are already in the US and more will follow”.

Essential for the Berlin-USA initiative of BFI is to support qualification for interested startups for both markets via access to essential go-to-market information, workshops, events, and networking opportunities with relevant transatlantic partners. 

Together with the Berlin Business Office, USA, the initiative will pay special attention to connecting the Berlin ecosystem to the US’s diverse finance & tech hubs, particularly involving Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, and New York City, with many activities to come. The forthcoming networking event “Berlin meets Atlanta” on July 6 in Berlin at Studio 14 @ RBB marks the kickoff of an entire event series for bridging both ecosystems.

Alexander Daamen, Head of Berlin Finance Initiative, USA, emphasizes: “We aim to prepare Berlin-based finance and technology startups for the US market by cultivating a strong network of like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders. By facilitating knowledge and partnerships, we will help overcome barriers to enable growth for participants of our network.” 

For more information, check out the newly launched website of the initiative and join the “Fin-Tech Leaders” network:

Sebastian Serafin, Deputy Director
Berlin Business Office, USA
[email protected]
Tel: +1 646-939-0323
Alexander Daamen
Head of Berlin Finance Initiative, USA
[email protected] 

SOURCE Berlin Business Office, USA

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