Dalan Animal Health, Inc. Raises $1.9 million in Seed Funding for the development of a breakthrough honeybee vaccine

 Dalan Animal Health, Inc., a biotech company developing vaccines for new age production animals, announced today it has closed funding for a $1.9 million seed round. 

This funding accelerates the company’s development and commercial activities for the launch of a breakthrough honeybee vaccine targeting American Foulbrood, a highly contagious disease threatening beehives worldwide. 

The company recently completed safety and efficacy testing on its first product and will submit a license application for the conditional approval of the vaccine this fall. “It’s very exciting to have strong support of our investors on this innovative vaccine. This is not only an innovation for animal health but an important step in saving bees and providing a more sustainable food supply” says Dalan’s CEO Annette Kleiser. 

Dalan expects to raise a larger round of funding in 2022 to expand their commercial offering and further advance a pipeline of novel vaccines for other new production animals

About Dalan Animal Health, Inc

Dalan Animal Health (www.dalan.com), a Delaware corporation, incorporated in December 2019 is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. The company is currently operating virtually, partnering with laboratories in Europe and the U.S. The company is planning to transition to a fully integrated company over the coming 18 months. Dalan will expand its product development to other underserved industries such as shrimp, mealworms and grasshoppers used in feed and food production. Up to 40% annual losses due to diseases are limiting growth across theses billion-dollar industries. Vaccines being developed by Dalan are a breakthrough for these industries. 

Dalan’s strategic board of directors and investors include Neal Carter, President Okanagan Specialty Fruits, Linda Rhodes, Animal Health Executive and former founder of Aratana, Petteri Saarinen, CEO LEDiL Oy, Peter Brons-Poulsen, President Colgate Palmolive Europe, and Annette Kleiser, CEO of Dalan.

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