ShippyPro secures $5 million in Series A funding from Five Elms Capital to become the only all-in-one global delivery infrastructure for ecommerce companies

ShippyPro, the leading provider of all-in-one shipping management software for global ecommerce merchants, today announced a $5 million funding round from Five Elms Capital. The Florence-based company has built a universal delivery technology that helps ecommerce brands increase delivery speed and efficiency, automate tracking and returns, and manage the complexity of cross-border shipping. 

Francesco Borghi (CEO) and Lorenzo Rogai (CTO) founded ShippyPro in 2016 with the goal of creating a universal shipping technology that could be used by any company in the ecommerce space. 

“The global logistics network is still highly fragmented, with many geographic and cultural barriers. We have designed ShippyPro to cater to the needs of a complex and evolving market by enabling our customers to drive efficiencies across their logistics operations processes, from initial order intake through to tracking and returns,” said Borghi.                                                             

ShippyPro currently processes millions of shipments per month for thousands of customers in 36 countries, including well known brands like Diesel, Guess, and Volcom, who rely on the platform and its integrations to ship, track and return their ecommerce orders.

“Delivering orders on time is one of the biggest concerns of ecommerce brands. Large and mid-sized B2B and B2C companies still consider shipping one of the biggest pain points to scaling their businesses. The main ecommerce players (e.g. Zalando, Amazon and Alibaba) have invested billions in R&D to make shipping their competitive advantage, resulting in higher customer expectations when it comes to receiving packages,” said Borghi. “Our technology provides any brand with a complete shipping solution that optimizes fulfillment, tracking and reverse logistics, enabling our customers to offer the delivery experience consumers expect when they shop online.”

ShippyPro’s extensive international integration library is a key differentiator in an industry where most competitors focus on integrations with region-specific providers. In just four years, ShippyPro has built integrations with over 140 carriers and 60 sales channels, making the platform a valuable asset for brands that are looking to expand globally.

While based in Italy, the management team at ShippyPro has shaped the company with a global focus in mind since its inception. “Italy has always played a key role in logistics, both within Europe and internationally. We are leveraging the expertise of our team to build advanced features that will optimize ecommerce fulfillment for merchants with a global focus,” said Borghi.  “We are thrilled to partner with Five Elms to continue to execute on our vision of becoming the leading shipping management software provider globally.”

ShippyPro has been growing its team aggressively, expanding from just three employees in 2019 to nearly 50 today. The company plans to continue hiring at a rapid pace, with the goal of reaching 150 employees in 12 months while supporting triple-digit revenue growth. The funding will allow the company to continue to execute on its product roadmap, which includes releasing new features to help customers optimize their fulfillment processes and save budget on logistics spend, including functionality that will focus on the CO2 impact of deliveries.

“Despite the growing popularity of online shopping among consumers, many ecommerce merchants still rely on cobbled together point solutions to create, manage, and ship orders. The combination of ShippyPro’s ability to automate the entire ordering and shipping process for merchants in one centralized platform and its ability to manage the complexity of shipping across multiple geographies creates a unique value proposition that’s incredibly sticky with its customer base,” said Stephanie Schneider, Partner at Five Elms. “We are excited to support ShippyPro in its mission to continue delighting its customers all while attracting and retaining best-in-class talent on a global scale.” 

About ShippyPro
ShippyPro is the all-in-one shipping management software for global ecommerce merchants and omnichannel brands. ShippyPro helps businesses save time and millions of dollars in logistics budget every year by providing a multi-carrier infrastructure and automating shipping rates comparison, label generation, tracking, returns and reporting.  Retailers, ecommerce brands and logistics players are able to connect to ShippyPro and access the largest library of carriers online from one API and dashboard.

ShippyPro integrates with over 140 carriers and 60 sales channels including major players such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, Amazon, Shopify and Ebay. From checkout to delivery, ShippyPro’s technology aims to make logistics efficient and support brands in building a best-in-class delivery experience. For more information, go to

About Five Elms
Five Elms Capital is a leading growth equity firm that invests in fast-growing B2B software businesses that users love. Five Elms provides capital and resources to help companies accelerate growth and further cement their role as industry leaders. For more information, visit

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