FormFree Announces Rebrand, New Website Aligned with Mission to Expand Financial Inclusivity

ATHENS, Ga., Jan. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — FormFree® today launched a new visual identity designed to reflect its mission of empowering consumers and lenders with a transparent view of borrower financial DNA. In tandem with the brand launch, FormFree unveiled a new website that speaks to both consumer and lender audiences about how its AccountChek® and Passport™ solutions enable better financial decisions.

FormFree’s patented technology verifies and analyzes borrower financial DNA — direct-source asset, income, employment, identity and public records data — to provide a more accurate and holistic picture of a borrower’s ability to pay (ATP) than traditional credit scoring alone.

“FormFree is ushering in a new era for lending, turning the current lender-driven verification model on its head and empowering consumers with transparency into and control over their financial DNA,” said Sarah Crossley, director of marketing at FormFree. “With our visual rebrand and new website, we are able to tell the story of how greater insight into consumer financial DNA opens the door to improved credit decisioning and a more financially inclusive U.S. economy.”

FormFree was founded in 2008 by former Wall Street executive Brent Chandler. The company’s pioneering work in bringing direct-source data analytics to the U.S. mortgage market has earned it six appearances on the HousingWire Tech100 list of the housing economy’s most innovative companies, among other accolades. FormFree’s AccountChek and Passport solutions are used by thousands of lenders and millions of consumers each year.

To see FormFree’s new brand in action, visit


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