Deloitte Consulting ‘Doubling Down’ On $750M AWS Business

Deloitte Consulting’s Amazon Web Services practice has grown to an approximately $750 million business in its four-year partnership with the industry’s top cloud computing provider, and there’s plans to double – and even triple – that in the next few years.

“We are doubling down with AWS,” said Jonathan Bauer, a principal at Deloitte Consulting and, for the last three years, its alliance leader for AWS, directing the firm’s U.S. go-to-market activity. “We have aspirations of doubling and tripling that over the course of the next few years.”

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, the scope of Deloitte’s work with AWS centers on areas including SAP on AWS, industry-specific solutions, modernization and security.

“One of our legacy strengths in the firm is our go-to-market around industry, and this is a place where we are truly able to differentiate, and that has proven successful time over time,” said Bauer, who previously led Deloitte’s alliance portfolio and telecom industry practice.

In an approximately 45-minute interview with CRN this month, Bauer talked in detail about Deloitte’s largest cloud partnership, from special projects and possible future areas of collaboration to the benefits of AWS over competitors Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. He also detailed Deloitte’s work during the coronavirus pandemic – which included leveraging Amazon Connect, AWS’ cloud customer contact center – and talked about the U.S. Department of Defense’s award of the potentially $10 billion JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) contract to Microsoft.

“The demand for cloud continues to grow at an amazing rate, and we continue to invest strongly in getting our people trained and certified and available to serve our clients in the market,” Bauer told CRN. “It‘s a very important statistic that a lot of our clients care about. I’m not sure you can ever have enough people that are actually certified.”

Bauer noted that a recent Deloitte-authored booklet focused on why every executive in every corporation cares about cloud, whether it’s a chief learning officer, chief financial officer, risk officer or a security team.

“The board cares just because of the threats that startups can now start up so much more quickly than they used to be able to do,” Bauer said. “Everybody cares about the cloud, and so having our own team ready to face off regardless of who the executive is to have that conversation is really important. And we continue to have aggressive plans in place to continue educating and growing our own capabilities.”


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