Black Knight’s Suite of Servicing Solutions Now Being Used to Support Fidelity Bank’s Operations

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept. 22, 2020 // — Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE: BKI) announced today that Fidelity Bank, N.A., a family-owned financial institution based in Wichita, Kansas, has successfully completed its implementation of Black Knight’s suite of servicing solutions – including the industry-leading MSP loan servicing system. These solutions are now helping Fidelity Bank service its growing mortgage portfolio by improving efficiency, risk management and the customer experience.

“Black Knight was a true and reliable partner throughout this project, despite the COVID-19 pandemic requiring our mutual teams to transition to a virtual implementation,” said Shane Stuhlsatz, senior vice president and director of technology innovation at Fidelity Bank. “We were very pleased with how smoothly the implementation went, and Fidelity Bank is ready to begin leveraging the advantages of the industry’s premier servicing platform, as well as Black Knight’s integrated suite of innovative servicing solutions.”

MSP is a single, comprehensive system used by financial institutions to service approximately 36 million active loans – more than any other in the mortgage industry. The scalable system, which helps clients manage all servicing processes – from payment processing to escrow administration, customer service, default management and more – can accommodate virtually any size portfolio. Additionally, MSP can support first mortgages and home equity loans and lines of credit on the same platform.

Servicing Digital, an interactive, user-friendly web and mobile solution that provides personalized, timely information to customers about their mortgage loans and homes, is integrated with the MSP system. Customers can use the solution to review their home and loan information; make mortgage payments online; and explore opportunities for refinancing, taking out a home equity loan or purchasing another home. Servicing Digital will help Fidelity Bank deepen customer relationships, enhance service and increase satisfaction. While Fidelity Bank will use the responsive web design version of Servicing Digital, the solution is also available as a native mobile app.

To further support its servicing operation, Fidelity Bank is now using Black Knight’s Default suite, which includes automated, workflow capabilities to enhance the bankruptcy, foreclosure and invoicing processes. For enhanced operational efficiency, Fidelity Bank is also now using Black Knight’s Actionable Intelligence Platform. The solution helps clients proactively monitor and manage servicing portfolios through the use of targeted, strategic analytics.

“By leveraging Black Knight’s trusted, proven and innovative products, Fidelity Bank is demonstrating its unrelenting pursuit to be the best financial institution in the heartland,” said Black Knight President Joe Nackashi. “We are ready to show how the power of these integrated, transformative solutions across the enterprise can help Fidelity Bank find growth opportunities, improve operational efficiencies, reduce risk and increase customer engagement and satisfaction.”


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