Atlas Invest: AI-Powered Bridge Financing Platform Unlocks Billions in Real Estate Investment

 As traditional banks continue to reduce their issuance of bridge loans and institutional investors pivot from equity to debt investments, bridge financing demands innovation to actualize its full potential. Bridge loans, a cornerstone of real estate development, often face high costs and inefficiencies. Legacy manual processes result in lengthy closings and a fragmented market with limited access to institutional capital. Recognizing the multi-billion dollar opportunity, seasoned financial strategists and real estate veterans Tal Shahar, Nir Peled, and Roni Peled launched Atlas Invest.

“With over $1 trillion in untapped annual potential, we saw a unique chance to leverage our experience and technology to unlock game-changing value,” says Nir Peled, CRO and Co-founder of Atlas Invest. “Our goal is to simplify and expedite the bridge financing process for borrowers while offering customized, pre-vetted asset-backed opportunities for debt investors.”

Revolutionizing Debt Investment

Atlas Invest’s ever-rising potential to revolutionize the bridge loan market is comparable to the disruption Amazon brought to commerce. Powered by AI, large language modeling, and streamlined processes, Atlas Invest fosters a bridge financing ecosystem that benefits both borrowers and investors, positioning them to become the new standard in bridge financing.

“Since Day One, we’ve focused on a customer-centric experience,” emphasizes Tal Shahar, CEO and Co-founder of Atlas Invest. “Our platform prioritizes speed and certainty, enabling borrowers and brokers to advance projects with confidence. We’re preserving the best aspects of the current system while revolutionizing the rest to provide a superior experience and unprecedented value to all stakeholders.”

Requiring minimal input from borrowers, Atlas Invest’s AI-powered platform analyzes thousands of vital data points instantaneously, facilitating simple and fast financing. Simultaneously, debt investors gain unparalleled access to pre-vetted, high-quality bridge loan opportunities nationwide. Atlas Invest’s data-driven platform continuously monitors loans under management and tracks changes in the market and potential risk to ensure a top investment experience with minimized risk and higher returns.

“From the start, Atlas Invest has impressed us with their integrity and ingenuity,” says Nir Adler, GP at State of Mind Ventures. “The team is exceptional—fast, effective, and highly experienced. They challenge the status quo and it’s paying off. We see a tremendous opportunity for Atlas Invest to redefine the market and become the central hub for asset-backed debt. Their data-driven approach, leveraging AI, LLM, and proprietary technology to instantly gather and analyze data from multiple sources, sets them apart.”

Today, hundreds of leading real estate investors and brokers, alongside family office and institutional investors rely on Atlas Invest for a borrowing and investing experience previously unavailable in the bridge loan market.

About Atlas Invest

Atlas Invest is a technology-driven financial platform dedicated to revolutionizing bridge financing in real estate investment. Combining human expertise with advanced AI and proprietary technology, Atlas Invest streamlines the entire loan process for borrowers, brokers, and investors, unlocking billions in unrealized asset-backed debt potential.


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