Members Mobile and i-new Form Strategic Partnership to Launch Pioneering U.S. Mobile Phone Service

 In a bold move to accelerate and enhance mobile phone services for credit union members, Members Mobile today announced a key strategic partnership with i-new, a leading global MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler).

The agreement combines i-new’s strategic investment in Members Mobile to accelerate service launch with a five-year MVNE service provision agreement. This collaboration will help Members Mobile redefine affordability, quality and user experience in mobile telecommunications for credit union members. Teaming up with i-new provides Members Mobile with unparalleled flexibility and capacity to deliver superior user experiences.

“We believe this partnership will greatly benefit members by reducing their mobile phone service costs and by enhancing their overall service experience,” said Gary Brandt, executive chairman, Members Mobile. “This collaboration with i-new is a testament to our commitment to continuously seek innovative solutions that meet our purpose to help credit unions help more members achieve financial wellness.”

i-new’s advanced platform facilitates seamless integration with large networks and credit unions, ensuring that credit union members enjoy smooth and efficient service features that help them both save money and grow their financial standing with extra benefits from their credit unions.

“This is another important milestone for i-new and its shareholder CompaxDigital. We are honored to be selected as a long-term, technical partner by Members Mobile, which represents a huge opportunity for credit unions across the U.S.,” said Frank von Seth, chief executive, i-new.

For potential investors and credit unions, this partnership represents a robust opportunity to engage with a forward-thinking mobile phone service provider dedicated to financial inclusivity and technological excellence.

About Members Mobile
Members Mobile provides exclusive mobile phone services tailored to credit union members, focusing on affordability, quality, and enhanced financial benefits. By integrating cutting-edge technology with member-centric services, Members Mobile sets a new standard in the telecommunications industry. Learn more at

About i-new
For two decades, i-new has successfully developed, deployed and operated BSS/OSS/MVNE platform solutions. i-new serves many MVNOs, multi-country MVNOs and second brands of operators. Its recent merger with CompaxDigital, a leading BSS provider for telco and non-telco industries, enables future growth and fundamental expansion into new regions and countries, paired with comprehensive product innovation and extension developments.

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