Vancouver International Financial Summit (VIFS2022) is Coming in September

As the most extensive business, financial, technological, and cultural center in Western Canada, Vancouver enjoys a highly diversified investment environment. The open and advanced financial industry and investment environment have attracted those top international financial institutions providing quality services to local clients. Coupled with a superb natural landscape, Vancouver is ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities, attracting many financial practitioners and investors. Meanwhile, Vancouver’s proximity to Seattle is home to a growing cluster of fintech companies. Not only does it contribute significantly to innovation in traditional finance, but it also continues to surprise the world in the new digital finance field. On top of that, according to a Reuters report, Canada’s soaring foreign exchange trading volumes increased 26.4% in 2021 compared to the same period the previous year, demonstrating strong currency liquidity and capital dynamism.

The Vancouver International Financial Summit (VIFS) 2022, hosted by FX168 Financial Group, is scheduled for September 2-3 at the JW Marriot Parq Hotel in Vancouver city. The summit aims to create an open and influential platform to share a wealth of cutting-edge investment information by selecting qualified international financial institutions that focus on advanced trading, technology, and information services in the financial sector globally. In addition, VIFS 2022 is a valuable opportunity for exploring trading and investment opportunities for high-net-worth investors and institutions, providing a valuable interacting platform for industry practitioners. With an exhibition area of over 20,000 square feet, the event is highly valued by financial industry professionals, investors, and local and international exhibitors.

Event Highlights

  • Policy analysis by economists from various vertical sectors, exploring current financial affairs and investment hotspots.
  • Highlighted professional advice and service from financial analysts and investment advisors
  • The interaction of capital from the East and the West will promote the prosperous development of the Canadian economy and financial industry.
  • As the most critical part of the summit, several outstanding financial awards will be selected based on the voting results of the public, experts and media, providing reference guidelines for investors.

FX168 Financial Group, the organizer of this event, is a well-known provider of 24H professional financial information, financial data, investment education and training, financial exhibitions, branding, and other comprehensive services with a “global perspective” based in Greater China, Southeast Asia, as well as North America and Europe. The company’s business covers 35 major investment markets worldwide, with thousands of institutional partners serving 200 million investors in China and more than 50 million Chinese globally. In addition, the group has long been a leader in providing global financial media services, professional research reports and supporting system development services based on the financial industry and market data, market monitoring and industry intelligence services, and systematic investor education and training services using the O2O concept, leading Chinese-language investors to achieve the “optimal allocation of wealth in time and space” on a global scale with a global perspective.

The company’s Asia Trading Summit has been held in Asia for many years and has received many positive comments from exhibitors, practitioners, and investors.  In the post-pandemic era, the company selects the world’s best financial institutions for Vancouver, bringing a unique investment feast to North American investors.

For more information, check, or scan the QR code. Register the event before August 1st for free tickets.

Exhibitors, sponsors, or speakers are welcome to inquire at [email protected], or call (1)604-249-2146. For media cooperation, please email [email protected].


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