Personal Finance Website The Money Manual Announces Its New Focus: Women & Investing

NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Money Manual — a leading personal finance website — announced its rebrand today and will now be gearing its content towards women and investing. The new focus will shape its editorial and social media strategy going forward, with the mission of educating new women investors and helping to close the gender wealth gap.

“The days of a wealth-generation knowledge gap between men and women are numbered,” Todd Stearn, CEO of Aragon, The Money Manual’s parent company, said. “With The Money Manual’s new direction, we plan to accelerate the dissolution of that gap and in the process help our readers find excitement, comfort, confidence, and success with investing and growing wealth — and do it better than men.”

The days of a wealth-generation knowledge gap between men and women are numbered.Tweet this

2020 was an explosive year for retail investors — and the trend appears to only be accelerating in 2021. Bloomberg Intelligence estimated that from the start of 2020 to June, retail investors made up 19.5% of total U.S. order flow, up from 10.1% in 2010. Still, the gender wealth gap persists. On average, women in the United States own a mere 32 cents to every dollar owned by men. That discrepancy is due in large part to women investing less and later than men.

The Money Manual is in a unique position to educate women investors given its largely female readership, made up of women who are already on a mission to better their personal finances.

“It’s been really exciting to watch the unrivaled amount of interest from first-time investors in the last few years, and the seismic shift that is happening in the investing world,” The Money Manual’s Managing Editor Leah Bourne said. “Women are still lagging behind men when it comes to investing, though. At The Money Manual we want to play a part in changing that.”

Expect content geared towards first-time investors, profiles of women who are succeeding investing, help selecting platforms to invest, along with content addressing other money issues including credit repair, saving, and so much more.

About The Money Manual

The Money Manual is a personal finance website that launched in 2017. All content is produced by an in-house editorial team. The site draws between 2 to 4 million page views per month and has worked with a wide range of advertisers — with a focus on the fintech space — including Robinhood, Chime, Stash, H&R Block and more.


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