Global Stock Trading Apps that Are Changing the Face of Wealth and Asset Management

Stock markets are the world of green and red, of bull and bear and of high and lows. It is a segment through which people indulge in buying or selling of securities with a motive to earn profit either by trading on a short term basis like on an intraday model or on a long term basis, with the perspective of making a long term investment.

It is usually said that one should gain proper knowledge about the market before actually indulging in any trade. However, a major proportion of the stock markets runs on what is referred to as ‘tips’ and speculation, and sometimes even intuition.

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Stock Trading Apps – The future lies here

Initially, there wasn’t much advancement in this sector with regards to technology. Now there has been a considerable evolution in the introduction of trading apps to help guide beginners. These apps come in handy if you want to start trading as a practice with no money involved.

A few of these applications have been helpful in changing the face of wealth and asset management.

Let’s look at a few leading apps in the field of stock trading:

Fidelity Investments:

Fidelity investments (based in the United States) have bagged great ratings for offering a good client-friendly experience. It offers a mobile app as well as a user-friendly website trading platform.

  • It has a very user-friendly interface, making it easy to access for beginners.
  • What distinguishes it from others is that is has a large database, so if one is new to trade, they can easily do relevant research before making an investment.
  • It is recommended for those who are passionate about trading actively on the markets.
  • A major add-on is no minimum deposit fee.
  • Fidelity strives to excel in providing an amazing customer experience year after year, resulting in the company bagging the number 2 position amongst 16 in an Annual Review by

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TD Ameritrade:

TD Ameritrade has been classified often as a leading app in surveys conducted by major websites. Here’s a summary of the distinguishing features:

  • It offers two different trading apps for two different categories of investors. There is an app called TD Ameritrade Mobile for intermediate investors who are not hardcore traders. There is a different app TD Ameritrade Mobile trader for traders who are highly active.
  • This is one of the early brokers/providers who used the Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature for traders to interact with a bot over a chat and address queries or grievances or even challenges;
  • Research and education are a win-win feature of this app. They have different types of videos for their viewers and also quizzes.
  • A major feature of the app is that it upgrades as per the needs of its customers and the feedback received from them, resulting in better customer satisfaction.


TradeStation can be referred to as a professional app with its focus designed on futures and options trading. It is a professional app that is recommended for active traders and not very suitable for beginners.

  • TradeStation offers a mobile based application, desktop trading and also web-based variations.
  • It has inbuilt pro tools for trading in Futures and Options which makes the complex procedure simplified.
  • With an experience of 30 years, TradeStation maintains its level of customer satisfaction by providing new facilities which aid simplified trading.
  • It has a basic commission chart with no unnecessary fees.

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Zerodha is a leading stock trading app in India that provides users with easy access to various investment opportunities.

  • Option to add money in the Zerodha wallet for instant order execution.
  • Single app for investments in shares as well as mutual funds.
  • Extremely fast execution of trades through proprietary algorithm.
  • Supports investment in IPOs as well.
  • User-friendly dashboard offering ready access to real-time information.


A number 1 in major areas, E*TRADE has evolved as a mobile trading app.

  • E*TRADE grades on as top product in the commission category
  • It offers two trading apps E*TRADE mobile usually preferred for the trading of stocks and Power E*TRADE for trading in the options category. These apps are supported in both Android and iOS backed devices.
  • It is also great with the education and research category as it offers free sessions for beginners to learn.
  • With its ever-evolving features, it is a huge competition for other players in the industry.

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Interactive Brokers:

It is majorly known for the access it provides to global markets.

  • It provides excessive research and education related material for beginners as well as professionals.
  • It has an amazing charting feature for tracking by professional traders.
  • It has its headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut

Money Control:

Money Control is an India based product which has its own app as well as an interactive website.

  • Boasts of a great dashboard, making it easy to keep track of the stocks
  • Real-time update and news on the stocks you have marked as favorites.
  • Interactions and suggestions from other investors.
  • Money Control pro, a paid app for additional features for active traders.

These are some of the leading stock trading apps that are playing a leading role in changing the face of wealth and asset management. With the rapid pace at which these apps are evolving, it is a foregone conclusion that the future of stock trading lies more in mobile based trading. Don’t you think?

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